XXI Meeting of the Presidential Council of the Andean Community: Statement by the High Representative Josep Borrell

(Source: EEAS)

On the occasion of the XXI Meeting of the Presidential Council of the Andean Community, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy reiterates the firm commitment of the European Union towards Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Andean Community in particular. With it comes the willingness to work together more closely to face our common challenges and to uphold our objectives in the international sphere.

Regional integration is part of the European Union’s DNA and we support all initiatives that promote this objective. In our efforts to strengthen our bi-regional relations with the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, regional bodies – such as the Andean Community – have a key role to play.

Our cooperation with the Andean Community is based on common interests and on the defence and promotion of shared values, such as maintaining democracy,  guaranteeing individual freedoms, ensuring the full respect of the Rule of Law and the protection of human rights. We also recognise the importance of multilateral institutions as tools to enable the solution of complex global problems and as cooperation.

This is particularly relevant in the current global health emergency, and I stress the European Union’s determination to intensify joint efforts to overcome the multidimensional challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, to combat the health, economic and social effects of the pandemic and to promote a post-COVID green recovery. Sustainable green recovery is essential both to create new jobs and to address the challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss.

Bi-regional relations between the Andean Community and the European Union should be strengthened with a positive agenda that includes the shared interests and objectives of both regions, within the framework of political dialogue and the promotion of bi-regional cooperation through the Joint Committee, in the development of the instruments in force between the two blocs, such as: the Framework Cooperation Agreement between the Andean Community and the European Union and the Rome Declaration.

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