Written Question: The implementation of Gender Action Plan II

(Source: European Parliament)

Date Submitted: 12 May 2021

Question for written answer E-002589/2021

to the Commission

Rule 138

Hannah Neumann (Verts/ALE)

Subject: The implementation of Gender Action Plan II

Gender Action Plan II sets the target of mainstreaming gender actions across 85 % of all new EU initiatives by 2020. However, although progress has been made, in 2018 only between 55 % and 68 % of the new programmes incorporated gender, according to the Commission.

1. In which sectors and regions was gender mainstreaming less prioritised in terms of the number of actions, and for what reasons?

2. How was the evaluation of the implementation of gender mainstreaming in the relevant programmes conducted?

3. Considering that the EU delegations and missions were on the frontline of the implementation of the Gender Action Plan II objectives in partner countries, were the heads of delegation responsible for reporting on the target and its implementation in the relevant programmes?

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