Written Question: Situation at Coelima

(Source: European Parliament)

Date submitted: 20 May 2021
Question for written answer E-002722/2021
to the Commission
Rule 138
Sandra Pereira (The Left)

Subject: Situation at Coelima

Coelima – Indústrias Têxteis, S.a., which belongs to the ‘MoreTextile’ group, recently announced its bankruptcy with debts of more than EUR 29 million. The company’s insolvency report caught its 253 workers by surprise. This announcement and the uncertainty of future developments has left the workers, most of whom are women who have worked at the company for many years, extremely concerned about their future. We contacted some of the workers who confirmed that the company – which pays low wages vis-a-vis the national minimum wage and has cut a number of allowances and benefits in recent years – did not reduce production, even during the epidemic. According to news reports, problems were made worse by the reduction in the number of production outlets over the past year.

In the light of this:

  1. Has Coelima – Indústrias Têxteis and the MoreTextile group already received European funding and, if so, how much and for what purpose?
  2. Can the company apply for European funding in order to cope with the economic situation it faces, particularly in view of the difficulties that may have been aggravated by the epidemic? If so, what sort of funding?
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