Written Question: Salafism originating from Turkey and the threat to democratic societies

(Source: European Parliament)

Date submitted: 19 February 2021

Question for written answer E-001022/2021
to the Commission
Rule 138
Charlie Weimers (ECR)

Subject: Salafism originating from Turkey and the threat to democratic societies

President Erdogan’s Islamisation strategy plays a major role in the rise of Salafism in the Netherlands(1).

According to a leaked analysis from the Dutch National Coordinator for Terrorism and Security (NCTV), Salafism among Dutch Turks threatens the ‘social and political stability’ of the Netherlands. The analysis is based on the gradually changed Islamic landscape within Europe’s Turkish communities(2). Turkish-Dutch youth organisations have become more involved in Salafism and fraternise with jihadist imams in Turkey. Facebook pages targeted at Dutch young people post anti-western and anti-Semetic material, including messages from jihadist Turkish organisations glorifying ‘killed jihadists’ as ‘martyrs’.

NCTV is concerned that the increasing intensity of Erdogan’s Islamist messages and activities could sow hatred among Turkish-Dutch people and cause them to turn away from Dutch democracy(3). It wants to warn municipalities that are in contact with the organisations described above about rising Salafism in the Netherlands(4).

The Dutch Foreign Ministry is concerned about potential escalated tensions with Turkey if the analysis is published.

  1. What steps has the Commission taken to prepare for such a scenario?
  2. What is it doing to assist the Member States in tackling these security threats?
  3. Has it evaluated the security implications of EU-Turkey policies, including its regular payments to Ankara?

(1) Note from the Dutch National Coordinator for Terrorism and Security ‘Development of Salafism among Turks – the influence in the Netherlands’
(2) On the basis of: online and offline contacts between Turkish islamist organisations in the Netherlands and radical organisations and jihadist imams in Turkey, stronger manifestation of Turkish organisations in politics that spread salafist ideology in the Netherlands, civil society networks with direct or indirect ties to Turkish political parties and ideological movements that import political and religious developments to the Netherlands, the large amount of Turkish media organisations with reach in the Netherlands
(3) Turkey considers Turkish citizens in Europe to be Turkish nationals and many vote for Erdogan in Turkish elections and affiliate with Turkish foundations that are in contact with the Turkish Government.
(4) https://www.hpdetijd.nl/2021-02-15/geheime-turkije-analyse-nctv-lekt-uit-grote-rol-erdogan-bij-opkomst-salafisme-in-nederland/

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