Written Question: Preparation for Digital Green Certificates and cooperation with Member States

(Source: European Parliament)

Date Submitted: 12 May 2021

Question for written answer E-002604/2021

to the Commission

Rule 138

Vladimír Bilčík (PPE)

Subject: Preparation for Digital Green Certificates and cooperation with Member States

In the context of the forthcoming Digital Green Certificate, the Commission is ensuring interoperability between different technical systems, assisting with software development and setting up an electronic gateway. In order for the Digital Green Certificate – which is expected to be launched on 15 June 2021(1) – to function properly, uniform issuing conditions and a coordinated procedure among Member States are needed. I would like to ask the following questions in this regard:

1. What testing of the Member States’ common approach has taken place prior to the planned launch of Digital Green Certificates? Have all Member States taken advantage of the opportunity to cooperate? If not, which ones did not use it or did not make sufficient use of it?

2. Did the Commission issue recommendations or a set of information on the Digital Green Certificate sufficient to enable Member State representatives to inform citizens in good time about the use and function of Digital Green Certificates?

3. Can the Commission confirm or refute the information that Slovakia is the only EU country, except for Germany, that has decided not to take advantage of the opportunity to test an application for Digital Green Certificates?

(1) unsafe:x-apple-data-detectors://1

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