Written Question: Inequalities in the distribution of CAP funding

(Source: European Parliament)

Date submitted: 23 March 2021

Question for written answer E-001598/2021
to the Commission
Rule 138
José Gusmão (The Left), Marisa Matias (The Left)

Subject: Inequalities in the distribution of CAP funding

Over 40% of Portuguese farms are being excluded from any form of CAP subsidisation and, in the regions of Extremadura and Algarve, more than two-thirds did not receive funding under the last two EU financial frameworks. Recent studies, based on farm structure surveys indicate that large farms are tending to receive more in the way of subsidies than small farms, and that there are large disparities between different regions and types of farming. One example of this is the transition from the single payment to the basic payment schemes in line with reported past activity that does not necessarily correspond to present-day reality, with payments being concentrated in the Alentejo, which is receiving 62% of national funding. Direct payments for integrated production and other agri-environmental measures have also contributed to increasing inequalities. In the absence of any structural changes, these policies will remain at odds with the CAP objectives of social sustainability, redistribution, territorial cohesion and support for small farmers.

  1. Is the Commission aware of how subsidies are being distributed in Portugal?
  2. What action will it take to promote payment schemes open to all farmers from 2023 onwards?
  3. Is it willing to accept the existence of such inequalities in national strategic plans?
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