Written Question: EU-UK distribution and value chains

(Source: European Parliament)

Date submitted: 12 February 2021

Question for written answer E-000892/2021
to the Commission
Rule 138
Seán Kelly (PPE)

Subject: EU-UK distribution and value chains

Since the end of the transition period, there has been major disruption in EU-UK distribution chains with regard to the shipment of goods from hubs in Britain used by major supermarkets and food companies due to the application of rules relating to where goods originate from.

For example, major companies often move food products to such hubs for onward distribution to the British and Irish markets, and in some cases tariffs are now being applied on these products as they enter Ireland. This can also place liability for EU products on the importer if goods travel via the UK, while within the EU it is manufacturers that are liable for any faults.

With longstanding, highly integrated supply chains, Irish businesses are being placed at a competitive disadvantage as existing distribution chains will no longer become economically viable.

Given that one of its intended consequences of the negotiations was to incentivise a move away from existing value chains centred around the UK, what is the Commission doing to facilitate this shift so that Member States are not placed at a competitive disadvantage due to their geographical location?

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