Written Question: Agricultural price floors

(Source: European Parliament)

Date submitted: 14 March 2021

Question for written answer E-001415/2021
to the Commission
Rule 138
Alexander Bernhuber (PPE)

Subject: Agricultural price floors

Agriculture is no longer an economically viable activity, particularly in view of steadily increasing consumer expectations with regard to animal welfare and sustainability, for example, as a result of which current market structures are no longer fit for purpose. This is also out of line with the general market equilibrium goals enshrined in the TFEU. Requirements to be met by Member State producers are unequal, which means that quality standards differ, making uniform price levels unjustifiable.

  1. Is the draft amendment to meat legislation(1) being proposed by Baden-Württemberg seeking the introduction of floor prices in this sector in line with EU law?
  2. Article 101(3) TFEU provides that consumers must be allowed a fair share of the benefit. Under previous case law, this must be interpreted as a general entitlement. Would this requirement be met by the benefits to consumers resulting from floor prices in terms of increased transparency, greater concern for animal health and more sustainable farming methods?
  3. In view of developments in the field of animal health and sustainability and the efforts being made in general to balance agricultural markets, how can the Commission justify refusal to authorise the setting of floor prices if conditions of production are indeed so unequal?


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