Written Question: Accidents and deaths in the workplace in the European Union

(Source: European Parliament)

Date Submitted: 12 May 2021

Question for written answer E-002554/2021

to the Commission

Rule 138

Stefania Zambelli (ID), Elena Lizzi (ID)

Subject: Accidents and deaths in the workplace in the European Union

Just a few days after Labour Day, we are continuing to hear news about numerous deaths at work caused by accidents of various kinds.

In Italy, it is estimated that there are two deaths in the workplace per day, with an increase of 11% in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020.

The latest statistics issued by Eurostat, dating back to 2018, show that in the EU there are around two deaths for every 100 000 workers, with the construction, manufacturing and agricultural sectors among the most affected. By contrast, according to those same statistics, the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden are the EU countries with the lowest fatality rate in relation to the total labour force.

In view of the worrying differences in the data on worker safety among the Member States, can the Commission answer the following questions, on the basis of the EU’s complementary competence regarding the protection of the safety and health of workers (ex Article 153 TFEU):

1. When will more recent and up-to-date statistics on accidents at work, including fatal ones, be issued?

2. What measures does it think should be taken as a matter of priority, in order to bring fatal accident statistics into line with those of countries which, according to the data, have proven to have fewer deaths in the workplace?

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