Written Question: Another incinerator on the Azores would undermine EU targets

(Source: European Parliament)

Date submitted: 23 February 2021

Question for written answer E-001079/2021
to the Commission
Rule 138
José Gusmão (The Left), Marisa Matias (The Left)

Subject: Another incinerator on the Azores would undermine EU targets

A municipal waste incinerator is to be built on the island of São Miguel (Azores) with the use of EU funds. Forecasts project that more than half the municipal waste produced annually on São Miguel will be incinerated, with only 45.8% being recycled and reused – a figure that falls well short of the targets set in (EU) Directive 2018/851, namely 55% in 2025, 60% in 2030 and 65% in 2035. It is unacceptable to think that an EU-funded project should throw a Member State off track in its meeting of EU targets.

All local authorities have been contacted, including the Regional Assembly of the Azores, which has been sent two petitions (in 2017 and 2020), but the process is going ahead regardless. The environmental association ZERO has already filed a complaint with the Commission, calling for funding for this project to end. Given that the works contract is about to be signed, we are echoing this call here and would ask:

  1. What is the current status of the complaint filed?
  2. What steps will be taken to block or modify the course of this project?
  3. Will the Commission withdraw funding being used to finance a construction that undermines EU targets?
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