Webinar- Towards a Future for Europe without violence against women

(Source Gender5)

Wednesday, 15 June 2022 17.00-18.30 CET

Gender5+ organizes an online event which aims to explore the recently adopted proposal for a Directive on violence against women and domestic violence, in terms of its scope and content. Can it contribute to eradicating violence against women in Europe and if so, how? For decades, the feminist movement has been calling for legislative proposals and political will to make this happen. The EC President von der Leyen kept the promise she made in her political guidelines, and shows how women in leadership do make a difference.

Is the proposed Directive fit for purpose? What are the obstacles that are likely to be encountered along the way, particularly given the backlash regarding ratification of the Istanbul Convention?

A panel of renowned experts will provide their analysis of the proposed Directive, its ‘sister’ the Istanbul Convention and how these can be part of the vision moving forward for the future of Europe to make violence against women her/history.

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