Video message from President von der Leyen for the award ceremony of the New European Bauhaus Prize

(Source: European Commission)

“Check against delivery”

Dear nominees,

My dear Commissioners Elisa and Mariya,

Dear guests,

I wish I could be with you in Brussels today. It would have been a joy to experience all the talent and innovative ideas. I am sure you will have a great time together.

Before I leave the floor to my colleagues to finally reveal the winners of the first New European Bauhaus Prize, let me say a few words on the nominated projects and also on the New European Bauhaus itself:

So first, dear nominees, congratulations on making it to this very last stage of the competition. Your projects were selected from over 2000 applications from all over Europe. You impressed both the audience and the experts. And you all impressed me. Your projects and visions give us a lot of hope for our European Green Deal. You not only show what is possible. You show that change is happening already. All over our European Union, in all sectors of our economy.

The New European Bauhaus is something very special. Since we launched the project a year ago, it has been amazing to see it grow. So many contributions, so many events, so many fruitful conversations. So much talent, skill and innovation. And such diversity. I saw an amazing amount of interest from all walks of life. I am delighted.

But I also asked myself why this happened. I am convinced that it is because the New European Bauhaus combines the big vision of the European Green Deal with tangible change on the ground. Change that improves our daily life. Change that people can touch and feel. In buildings, in public spaces. In our cities and villages. Even on our skin, as far as sustainable fashion is concerned.

It is extremely rewarding – and great fun – to create, together with all of you, a new style of living. A lifestyle that matches sustainability with good design. A lifestyle that needs less carbon, that reconnects us with nature. And a lifestyle that is inclusive and affordable for all. Making this happen is a huge challenge. But you – the nominees of the New European Bauhaus Prize – are an important part of this journey. You are living proof that it is possible.

Let me also say that I was very pleased when I saw so many young people participating in this competition. When it comes to climate change, it is younger generations in particular who will experience the effects of global warming. To make sure that our planet remains liveable, we need the energy and the ideas of young talents, as much as we need the know-how and skills of our more experienced supporters.

Now I want to leave the floor to today’s most important people:

The winners of the New European Bauhaus Prize 2021.

I wish you all a great evening.

Thank you.

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