Uzbekistan: Statement by the Spokesperson on the latest developments

(Source: EEAS)

The European Union calls for an open and independent investigation into the violent events in Karakalpakstan following the publication of the proposed amendments to Uzbekistan’s Constitution. We deeply regret the casualties and loss of human life and continue to follow developments closely.

We acknowledge the steps taken by President Mirziyoyev to respond quickly to public concerns over the proposed constitutional amendments. We call on all sides to show restraint in their actions, with a view to avoiding any escalation or further violence. The European Union urges the authorities to guarantee human rights, including the fundamental rights to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly, in line with Uzbekistan’s international commitments.

The European Union has a strong and growing partnership with Uzbekistan. We remain committed to supporting Uzbekistan’s reform efforts,  and call for it to continue this process in consultation with citizens and stakeholders, based on international norms and best practices.

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