US: Statement by the Spokesperson on the change of anti-personnel landmine policy

(Source: EEAS)

The United States has announced a change of its anti-personnel landmine policy that will limit the use of anti-personnel landmines. This will contribute to the reinforcement of the humanitarian aims of the Ottawa Convention and to closer alignment with a global humanitarian movement that has demonstrated a positive impact in reducing civilian casualties.

The EU also appreciates the US long-term engagement and funding to assist affected countries in mine action. This assistance is essential in reducing casualty numbers and providing relief for mine victims.

The EU stands firmly behind the Ottawa Convention, which has saved tens of thousands of lives in the past 20 years. We consistently support the universalisation of the Ottawa Convention and call on all States not yet Party to the Convention to adhere as soon as possible or as an interim step to follow a self-declared policy of non-use.

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