Ukraine: Statement by the Spokesperson on the adoption of judiciary-related legislation

(Source: EEAS)

The European Union welcomes that Ukraine took a decisive step this week towards comprehensive reform of the judiciary aiming at restoring the public and investors’ trust in the justice system.

In the last few days, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted two crucial pieces of legislation that foresee a transparent re-establishment of the High Qualification Commission of Judges and an integrity assessment of the current and future members of the High Council of Justice – two key judicial governance bodies in Ukraine. In both of these reforms, international experts will have a temporary but decisive role in line with the recommendations of the Venice Commission.

The European Union has decisively supported the preparation of these reform laws and will provide all the necessary assistance to ensure their successful implementation. It will not only allow renewal of the judicial system, strengthening the rule of law and better protection of fundamental rights in Ukraine, but will also reinforce the strategic, multi-dimensional partnership between the EU and Ukraine.

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