The principle, laid down by EU law, of equal pay for male and female workers can be relied upon directly, in respect both of ‘equal work’ and of ‘work of equal value’, in proceedings between individuals

(Source: Court of Justice of the European Union)

Tesco Stores is a retailer that sells its products online and in stores located in the United Kingdom.
The stores, of varying size, have a total of approximately 250 000 workers, who carry out various
types of jobs. That company also has a distribution network with approximately 11 000 employees,
who carry out various types of jobs. Approximately 6 000 employees or former employees of Tesco
Stores, both female and male, who work or used to work in its stores, brought proceedings against
it before the referring tribunal, the Watford Employment Tribunal (United Kingdom), from February
2018 onwards, on the ground that they had not enjoyed equal pay for male and female workers for
equal work, contrary to national legislation and Article 157 TFEU. The referring tribunal stayed the
male workers’ claims, since it took the view that their outcome depended on the outcome of the
claims brought by the female claimants in the main proceedings.

Full Press Release – 95/2021 : 3 June 2021 – Judgment of the Court of Justice in Case C-624/19

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