Single European Sky

17 Jun: Single European Sky: MEPs ready to start negotiations

(Source: European Parliament)

Streamline European airspace managementGreener flights: 10% reduction in climate-impacting emissionsOpen up the market for air traffic navigation services

European airspace management should be fine-tuned to optimise flight routes, reduce flight delays and cut CO2 emissions, said the Transport and Tourism Committee.

The negotiating mandate on the reform of the Single European Sky rules, adopted by the Transport and Tourism Committee on Thursday by 39 votes to 7 and 2 abstentions, proposes ways to modernise the management of European airspace in order to reduce flight delays, optimise flight routes, cut costs and CO2 emissions in the aviation sector.…

03 Jun: Single European Sky: Council agrees its position on air traffic management reform

(Source: Council of the EU)

The Council today agreed its position (‘general approach’) on the reform of the Single European Sky. The aim of the reform is to improve European airspace management and the air navigation services system in order to increase capacity, improve cost-efficiency and increase the system’s ability to adapt to variations in traffic, while also trying to reduce aviation’s CO₂ footprint.

The package consists of an amended proposal for the recast of the Single European Sky regulation (SES 2+) and a proposal for a regulation amending the EU Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) basic regulation.

Any aviation reform must …