10 Sep: “Day zero” – When the taps run dry

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As the European Union debates migration, it is important to note that water deficits are linked to 10% of the rise in global migration. A World Bank report, Ebb and Flow, anticipates that many of the world’s cities will face a rising number of “day-zero” events – when taps run dry – pushing the potential for migration to further increase. 

Many of us have been to countries, or had experience, of when the water supply is turned off for one reason or another – rarely has it been linked to …

08 Sep: Holding the Commission to account for the New Pact on Migration and Asylum

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As migrants scramble to reach the shores of Europe, the European Commission has sought to present its solution. In September 2020, the Commission released its New Pact on Migration and Asylum setting up a “Common European Framework for Migration and Asylum Management”. Negotiations of the Pact took place through both the German and Portuguese Presidencies of the EU, and have continued into the Slovenian Presidency without agreement amongst the Member States. Countries continue to disagree on key structural aspects of the Pact whilst, at the same time, the Commission has …

23 Jul: Migration: EU helps channel humanitarian support to migrants in Lithuania

(Source: European Commission)

Following a request for assistance from Lithuania, the European Commission is helping European countries send support through the European Civil Protection Mechanism. Lithuania asked for help following increased arrivals of migrants and asylum seekers coming from the Middle East and Africa and entering Lithuania via the border with Belarus. Already twelve countries have offered support such as tents, beds and generators. The Commission coordinates the delivery and finances up to 75% of the costs for transporting the assistance.

Janez Lenarčič, Commissioner for Crisis Management said: “Lithuania’s border is an external EU border, which is currently experiencing an unprecedented …

07 Jun: Little support for the New Pact on Migration and Asylum

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Europe’s migrant crisis seems to have no end, and definitely no solutions, and the New Pact on Migration and Asylum, announced to address the recent influx of migrants, appears unlikely to bring any success. It has, worryingly, brought a great deal of criticism from civil society organisations and think tanks across the EU. 

The current challenge for European leaders is how to effectively manage migration to the EU. In this, there is little solidarity between the Member States. Negotiations for a comprehensive migration policy have been taking place for years …

20 May: Parliament calls for more legal options for migrant workers coming to the EU

(Source: European Parliament)

Legal migration channels would help reduce irregular flows and undermine smugglers and traffickersShortages in Europe’s labour market and its ageing population must be addressedSet up an EU talent pool to match employers with prospective employees

An EU framework for legal migration would encourage more orderly migration, attract much-needed workers, undermine smugglers and traffickers, and ease integration.

In a report adopted with 495 to 163 and 32 abstentions, Parliament highlights that legal migration has barely been part of the EU’s migration policy since 2015 and underlines that the New Pact on Migration and Asylum does not include any specific proposals …

20 May: Promoting the European way of life – Imminent success of the fifth priority.

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It is great to be European – democracy, freedom, equality and some of the best fundamental rights in the world – and whilst it is accepted that life is Europe is not perfect, there are many worse places in the world. The promotion of the European way of life has drawn much envy from others and hence Europe is now a destination of choice not only for holidays and work opportunities, but for a new, more prosperous life. Social security, minimum living standards, decent work opportunities, free education and healthcare …

19 May: New Avenues on Legal Migration – address by Vice-President Schinas to the European Parliament Plenary

(Source: European Commission)

“Check against delivery”

Dear President,

Dear Mrs. Guillaume,

Dear Presidency,

Honourable Members,

I welcome today’s debate on legal migration. And I welcome that it is called “avenues for” legal migration. Because the question is not yes or no to migration. The question is how to make migration a successful experience.

Most of those participating in today’s debate are themselves migrants. Most of us working here haveleft our home places to find new opportunities abroad. Many of us live, meet and work with partners, friends and colleagues from other nationalities in our daily lives. 

Migration can and should be a success story. …