Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas

02 Jul: Rural development – The seed for growth in Europe

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Since the inception of the European Union in 1993, the club of 6, founders – Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, has grown to a union on 27, with only one member, the United Kingdom, entering and leaving. The Union covers a total area of 4,233,255.3 km² with an estimated total population of 447 million. Whilst collaboration and convergence are relatively successful at country level, there are sadly regional and territorial disparities which exist across the EU causing both socio and economic inequality and challenges. It is the mandate of …

30 Jun: Questions and Answers on the Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas

(Source: European Commission)

Why did the Commission launch the Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas?

The EU has experienced a series of trends which are reshaping its socio-economic and demographic landscape. Despite overall convergence at Member State level, regional and territorial disparities persist with regions and territories more exposed to changing trade patterns and industrial production, the climate and digital transitions, as well as demographic and migration movements. And today, the EU is faced with another global challenge: the COVID-19 pandemic.

To successfully respond to these trends and challenges, and to reap the benefits of the green and digital transitions, place-sensitive policies and …