17 Jun: The systematic registration of IP addresses of users and the communication of their names and postal addresses to the holder of intellectual property rights or to a third party in order to enable an action for damages to be brought is permissible under certain conditions

(Source: Court of Justice of the EU)

The request for information from a holder of intellectual property rights is not to be abusive andmust be justified and proportionate

The undertaking Mircom International Content Management Consulting (M.I.C.M.) Limited(‘Mircom’) submitted a request for information against Telenet BVBA, an internet service provider,to the Ondernemingsrechtbank Antwerpen (Companies Court, Antwerp, Belgium). That requestseeks a decision requiring Telenet to produce the identification data of its customers on the basisof IP addresses collected, by a specialised company, on behalf of Mircom. The internetconnections of Telenet’s customers have been used to share films in the Mircom catalogue, on …

19 May: The Commission’s decision declaring aid granted by Portugal to the airline TAP to be compatible with the internal market is annulled because of an inadequate statement of reasons

(Source: Court of Justice of the EU)

However, the effects of the annulment (including recovery of the aid) are suspended pending a new decision.

In June 2020, Portugal notified the Commission of State aid for the airline Transportes Aéreos Portugueses SGPS SA (‘the beneficiary’), the parent company and 100%shareholder in TAP Air Portugal. The notified aid, the maximum budget of which is €1.2 billion, concerns a loan agreement concluded between, in particular, Portugalas lender, TAP Air Portugal as borrower and the beneficiary as guarantor. By that measure, Portugal intended to keep the beneficiary in operation for six months, between July …

19 May: The General Court annuls the Commission’s decision to approve the Netherlands financial aid for the airline KLM amid the COVID-19 pandemic on the grounds of inadequate reasoning

(Source: Court of Justice of the EU)

However, due to the particularly damaging impact of the pandemic on the Netherlands economy, the General Court suspends the effects of the annulment pending the adoption of a new decision by the Commission.

In June 2020,the Netherlands notified the European Commission of State aid for the airline KLM, a subsidiary of the Air France-KLM holding company. The notified aid, with a total budget of €3.4 billion, consisted, first, of a State guarantee for a loan to be granted by a consortium of banks and, secondly, a State loan. By that measure, the Netherlands …