Judgment of the General Court

07 Jul: The Court gives a ruling for the first time on the registration of a sound mark submitted in audio format

(Source: Court of Justice of the EU)

An audio file containing the sound made by the opening of a drinks can, followed by silence and afizzing sound, cannot be registered as a trade mark in respect of various drinks and for metalcontainers for storage or transport, in so far as it is not distinctive

Ardagh Metal Beverage Holdings GmbH & Co. KG filed an application for registration of a soundsign as an EU trade mark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). That sign,submitted as an audio file, recalls the sound made by a drinks can being opened, followed …

30 Jun: The resolution of Banca delle Marche by the Italian authorities was in essence determined by that bank’s failure

(Source: Court of justice of the EU)

The Commission cannot be held responsible for having prevented its rescue

The applicants were shareholders and subordinated creditors of the Banca delle Marche, whichwas the main banking institution in the Regione Marche (Marche region, Italy).

On 9 January 2012, the Banca d’Italia (Bank of Italy) stated that the checks carried out within theBanca delle Marche had revealed serious shortcomings in the internal control systems which led toinevitable knock-on effects on its ‘significant exposure … to credit and financial risks’. On15 October 2013, Banca delle Marche was placed under extraordinary administration on account,inter alia, …