Gender-based violence costs

08 Jul: Europe’s gender inequality comes at a high cost.

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“Equality between women and men must be ensured in all areas, including employment, work and pay. The principle of equality shall not prevent the maintenance or adoption of measures providing for specific advantages in favour of the under-represented sex” – This right is enshrined in article 23 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Yet, despite the assurances provided in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and the European Constitution and Treaty provisions, inside the European Institutions agreements can still not be made on how to address gender inequality in …

07 Jul: Gender-based violence costs the EU €366 billion a year

(Source: European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE))

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) has estimated that the cost of gender-based violence across the EU is €366 billion a year. Violence against women makes up 79 % of this cost, amounting to €289 billion.

Human life, pain and suffering do not have a price. However, knowing the cost of violence can help EU countries channel money to where it’s really needed — and where it’s most cost-effective. The money spent on supporting victims is not enough, with services such as shelters making up just 0.4 % of the cost of …