Food security

16 May: Ukraine: debates on infrastructure, food security, culture and humanitarian aid

(Source: European Parliament)

Four EP committees will take stock on Tuesday of Ukraine’s transport, food security, culture and humanitarian situation and needs after Russia’s illegal invasion.

Global food market

On Tuesday at 9.00, the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee will debate the impact of the war in Ukraine on the situation of global food markets with Máximo Torero, Chief Economist of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Members of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada will participate in the exchange of views.

You can follow the debate live here.

Humanitarian situation

On Tuesday at 9.00, the Petitions Committee …

06 Jul: Food security not a prerequisite of the Common Agricultural Policy

Editor’s Blog: Produced in collaboration with the EU Buzz team 

The European Union is not able to self sufficiently nor sustainability feed its population of almost 500 million people. 

Despite guidance to consume “5 a day”, it is not possible for European farmers to be able to produce enough fruits and vegetables for European citizens to achieve this simple goal to keep healthy. Many of our 5 a day have to be imported. Food miles, pesticides, intensive farming and artificial ripening conditions, all contradict Europe’s Green Deal commitments, its climate change pledges and are against the best interests of consumers. …