16 Jun: Eurovignette: provisional deal on new road haulage charging rules

(Source: European Parliament)

Phasing-out of time-based road charging for trucks and busesSwitching to tolls or actual kilometres driven charging systemCharging rules extended to buses, vans and passenger cars

EP and Council negotiators reached a deal on new road charging rules for trucks to transition from time-based to distance-based charging, reducing CO2 emissions.

A provisional agreement reached on Wednesday between the European Parliament and Council negotiators will update the rules defining charges EU member states can impose on trucks and lorries, but also buses, vans and passenger cars using trans-European transport (TEN-T) network roads. The aim of the new rules is …

16 Jun: EU road charging rules (Eurovignette) – Presidency reaches informal deal with the Parliament

(Source: Council of the EU)

Today, the negotiators from the Council and the European Parliament reached a political agreement on revised road charging rules (Eurovignette directive), to address greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts, congestion and road infrastructure financing.

Today’s agreement on road pricing, with stronger and wider rules and a new scheme to address CO2 emissions, is a crucial element in decarbonising transport and meeting climate targets in line with the European Green Deal and the Paris Agreement. By incentivising cleaner transport operations, it provides a clear signal and legal certainty to vehicle manufacturers and hauliers for the …