EU job-search aid

08 Jun: EU job-search aid worth €11.6 million for 3,700 dismissed workers in 4 countries

(Source: European Parliament)

€6.8 million in total to support 1 700 dismissed workers of air carriers KLM and Finnair€3.7 million to support nearly 1 500 dismissed airport workers in Belgium€1.1 million to support 500 dismissed foundry workers in GermanyThree of the four cases related to the COVID-19 pandemicAid will support reintegration into the labour market

In total, 3 700 workers who lost their jobs in Belgium, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands will receive €11.6 million in EU aid, following a plenary vote.

MEPs approved four EU countries’ requests for support from the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) to help dismissed workers find …