EU farm policy reform

25 Jun: EU farm policy reform as approved by MEPs

(Source: European Parliament)

On Friday, 25 June 2021, Parliament, Council and Commission negotiators reached an informal political deal on the EU Farm policy from 2023 onwards.

This Q&A provides further information on:

the measures that farmers should take to better protect the environment,how to make EU farm policy fairer,how to help farmers on the ground by providing targeted advice,who should get EU-funded direct payments,how much flexibility national governments will have in transferring EU money,how to better prepare farmers to cope with future crises,what rules will change regarding the wine sector,whether meat and dairy-related terms can be applied to plant-based products,…

25 Jun: EU farm policy reform: Parliament and Council strike a deal

(Source: European Parliament)

More support for those who apply climate- and environmentally-friendly practices10% of national direct payments to support small and medium-sized farmsTailor-made measures to help farmers deal with crisesMore transparency on how EU funds are spent, higher sanctions for repeated infringements

Parliament’s and Council’s negotiators reached an informal political agreement on three EU laws that will govern the 2023-2027 EU farm policy, on Friday.

Negotiators endorsed a policy shift that should tailor the EU’s farm policy better to the needs of individual member states, but they insist the European Union’s agricultural policy must also remain common. The new rules …

24 Jun: EU farm policy reform: press conference on outcome of latest round of talks

(Source: European Parliament)

Following this week’s trilateral talks on EU farm policy reform, lead EP negotiators Lins, Jahr, Müller and Andrieu plan to hold a press conference on Friday.

The press conference takes place in the Anna Politkovskaya press room (SPAAK 0A50) in the European Parliament.

The exact time will be announced later.

Journalists who want to ask questions will be able to connect via Interactio.

You can also follow the press conference live via webstreaming and EbS.

Interpretation will be provided into English, French and German.

Important notice: Following EP President Sassoli’s decision, and after advice from Parliament’s medical service, everyone wishing to enter …