19 May: MEPs split over waiver for COVID-19 vaccine patents

(Source: European Parliament)

At Wednesday’s debate on ensuring global access to shots, there was a lack of consensus among MEPs on a temporary waiver of patent rights for COVID-19 vaccines.

A number of speakers called on the Commission to support a waiver of the intellectual property rights (IPR) for COVID-19 vaccines as an essential element in accelerating the rollout of shots to low and middle income countries.

In turn, many MEPs argued a patent waiver is a “false good idea” that would not speed up the provision of vaccines and would harm innovation. Instead, they argued the Commission should push …

12 May: EIB increases support for COVAX and backs €1.5 billion clean energy, water, health and education investment

(Source: EIB)

€1.5 billion of new financing approved by the European Investment Bank (EIB) today will strengthen support for global distribution of COVID-19 vaccines through the Covax initiative, improve green energy generation and distribution, bring investment to cities, health, education, and water, and enhance access to finance by business.

“Last week in Porto leaders from across Europe and India welcomed EIB engagement to tackle the health and economic impact of COVID-19, scale up social investment and deliver a green transition. The projects approved today demonstrate how, together with European and global partners, the EU Bank continues to build on its …

08 May: Remarks by President Charles Michel before the working session of the informal meeting of the members of the European Council in Porto

Source: EU Consilium 

Yesterday evening, we had the opportunity to tackle again Covid-19. There are 3 important points.

First one: we are making progress in Europe on production and distribution of vaccines. Second point, green certificates. We decide that on 25th of May, next EUCO , we will come back on this topic to make sure we can encourage all efforts to find a common agreement on this topic. Third, international solidarity. We are totally committed through COVAX. We took the decision in Europe to make exports of vaccines possible and we encourage all partners to facilitate export of doses.…