Artificial Intelligence

09 Jul: Artificial Intelligence: 18% of the world’s top-tier researchers are European, but only 10% work in Europe

(Source: EESC)

The World Economic Forum’s Jayant Narayan flagged up the figure in a debate on Artificial Intelligence at the European Economic and Social Committee’s July plenary, saying that to compete Europe needs to invest in medium- to long-term actions to create an ecosystem where AI can thrive.

The EESC’s last plenary before the summer break hosted a debate on Artificial Intelligence and real values: our digital future with Jayant Narayan, who leads the World Economic Forum’s Global AI Alliance. The debate also saw the presentation of three EESC reports focusing on the EU’s 2030 digital targets, the economic and …

17 Jun: EIOPA publishes report on artificial intelligence governance principles

(Source: EIOPA)

The European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) published today a report from its consultative expert group on digital ethics setting out artificial intelligence (AI) governance principles for an ethical and trustworthy AI in the European insurance sector.

The report builds on recent international and EU developments in the area of digitalisation and AI. EIOPA convened the consultative expert group so that a wide range of stakeholders could work together identifying the opportunities and risks associated with the growing use of AI in insurance, including exploring possible limits that might be needed.

The report highlights the proliferation of …