Sweden: EIB opens photo exhibition on green financing in Stockholm

(Source: European Investment Bank)

  • On 10 September, the EIB (the EU bank) opened a photo exhibition in central Stockholm.
  • The exhibition on Raoul Wallenberg Torg features 21 green and sustainable projects that the EIB has financed in Sweden over the last few years, showing how the European Union supports Sweden’s ambitions.
  • The photos are accompanied by explanations to show how the European Union supports green energy, sustainable mobility, innovative recycling and other innovations in Sweden.

Passers-by and tourists in Stockholm will be treated to a temporary photo exhibition organised by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the City of Stockholm. 11 life-size frames installed on centrally located Raoul Wallenberg Torg will detail how the EU bank has supported green and sustainable projects in Sweden in recent years.

The featured projects include a number of well-known Swedish municipalities and companies, ranging from financing electric mobility at Volvo to refurbishing the Port of Ystad, to name just two examples. The exhibition can be visited free of charge on Raoul Wallenberg Torg, and will move to Sergels Torg for the month of October. Early next year, the exhibition will be shown in central Malmö.

An online version of the exhibition is accessible here: Sweden: a sustainable story (eib.org)

EIB Vice-President Thomas Östros said: “The EIB has invested in Swedish projects since 1994. In recent years, as the EU climate bank, our focus has been on supporting green and sustainable projects around the country. From renewable energy to sustainable mobility, and from innovative recycling to nearly-zero-energy buildings, the projects supported show how Sweden is a leading country in terms of its ambitions to cut carbon emissions. The EIB is there to help finance these projects.”

In 2020, the EIB made available in excess of €2 billion for Swedish projects. The EIB borrows money on the capital markets and lends it to projects that support EU objectives, with about 90% of all loans being granted within the European Union.

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