Statement by Commissioner Simson on the start of electricity trade between Ukraine and the EU

(Source: European Commission)

The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity announced today that electricity trade between Ukraine and the EU will start this week, on 30 June. I welcome this development that follows the successful emergency synchronisation of the Ukrainian and Moldovan grids with the European Continental Grid in March. This is the next step in integrating the energy systems of these two countries with Europe and has a special significance now that they have received EU candidate country status.


Gradually increasing electricity trade is particularly important in the context of Russia’s continuing aggression against Ukraine. It will allow Ukraine to earn revenues to support its power system in a situation where their domestic income has been reduced by Russia’s attacks. At the same time, it will make additional affordable electricity available for the EU during a time when prices are exceptionally high.


I am grateful to ENTSO-E, the transmission system operators of neighbouring countries and the Energy Community Secretariat for their commitment to supporting Ukraine and want to commend Ukrenergo for swiftly implementing the necessary preconditions for starting commercial exchanges.

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