Speech by H.E. Ambassador Cristian Tudor on the Occasion of launching the EU cookbook “A Union of European Flavours”

(Source: EEAS)

Your Excellencies, distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,


I would like to welcome you today to this very special evening where we will be sharing a selection of European dishes.

Many thanks to the Four Seasons Hotel for hosting us tonight in this exquisite restaurant.

Food is an essential part of our daily lives not only as a mean of survival but also as part of our culture and heritage, both in the European Union and in Kuwait.

Traditional recipes are passed down from one generation to the next as an expression of cultural identity, bringing memories of home. We can be very different but warm memories of grandmother’s kitchen is something that we all share.

Therefore, in Europe, as in Kuwait, food is an expression of our cultural heritage, identities, social lives and traditions.

Tonight, we are here celebrating the unity in diversity of our European culinary traditions, through the launch of the book “A Union of European Flavours”. This EU Cookbook is a celebration of our European culinary traditions.

The EU diversity is best reflected by the richness of European cuisine, which is witnessed by all foreigners travelling through Europe. With the approaching summer holidays, our appreciation for food grows as we gather with family and friends to share a meal or two. Food thus provides a unique opportunity to harness human connections and develop new relations.

Our gathering today is the best confirmation of this. This Cookbook is a celebration of community, friendship and diversity that make the European Union so unique. My hope is that in this book you will get a flavour of the culinary experiences and will discover new favourites to share with your family and friends, to celebrate many moments of joy and embark on a culinary adventure to the 27 countries of the European Union.

For the European Union, Kuwait stands out as a close and reliable friend and I am confident that as friends and partners you will be inspired with this new cultural experience that will prompt you to learn more about the European Union and its Member States.

Kuwait is blessed with many high quality restaurants serving European dishes. When I start my day with a croissant and a cup of Italian coffee I feel as if I have not left Europe. Such diversity of culinary options makes Kuwait an extraordinary and welcoming place.

Many thanks to your Excellencies and distinguished guests for joining us today in this very special event. I would like to extend my special thank you to all Ambassadors of the European Union Member States for their contributions to this Cookbook, which is the first of its kind in Kuwait.


Bon Appétit!


H.E. Ambassador Dr. Cristian Tudor

European Union Ambassador to the State of Kuwait and the State of Qatar


Download your free digital copy of the EU cookbook:

“A Union of European Flavours” 👉🏻 https://bit.ly/3b6uiiE

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