Speech by Commissioner Stella Kyriakides at the Medicines for Europe 2022 Annual Conference

(Source: European Commission)

“Check against delivery”

President, dear Elisabeth, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am delighted to join the Medicines for Europe Annual Conference.

Your organisation has a key role in delivering medicines for patients.

Health is an area where every actor has a societal responsibility.

The EU is determined to do its part.

This starts with our Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe, another, central pillar of the European Health Union, our long-term vision for Europe.

Our ambition is clear.

First, to provide all patients across Europe with timely and equal access to affordable, high-quality, safe and green medicines; and

Second, to make Europe a centre of innovation, with a vibrant pharmaceutical industry which remains globally competitive.

We want to recognise the role of generic and biosimilar medicines to provide a large number of patients with accessible and affordable treatments.

In our pharmaceuticals reform we are looking at how greater competition from generic and biosimilar can be leveraged to reduce the prices of medicines for the benefit of patients and health systems.

Broader market access for generic and biosimilar medicines will also improve access and the uptake of generic and biosimilars.

Our aim is also to promote innovation through repurposing of old products to offer new treatments.

Repurposed medicines can be considered hidden champions, as we saw during the pandemic.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I want to finish by stressing two important points.

First – all we do here is about patients. People. We are putting them at the centre of our pharmaceutical policy, every step of the way.

The overarching goal here is to ensure that all patients have access to affordable, high-quality, safe and green – regardless of where they live in the EU.

With the tragic developments in Ukraine, medicines and equipment are more important than ever before, so I want to take this opportunity to thank Medicines for Europe for your much-needed support and solidarity.

Second – this is a joint effort, as we are stronger, more effective, and more resilient when we collaborate.

We want industry to be part of the solutions we bring.

I am confident that together we can deliver concrete, lasting benefits to EU patients.

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