Seychelles Coast Guard Basic Training Trainees receive training on electronic navigation equipment on board the EUNAVFOR Flagship Siroco.

(Source: EEAS)

On 4 March, 20 trainees from the Basic Training course for the Seychelles Coast Guard took part in a  training on the use electronic navigation equipment. The training was delivered by Seychelles Coast Guard trainers and EUNAVFOR with support from EUCAP Nestor on board the French EUNAVFOR Flagship Siroco.

The trainees received practical and theoretical instruction in how to use equipment such as GPS, AIS, ECDIS, radar, and gyrocompass.  “This training was very useful,” said the Commanding Officer of the Coast Guard, Lt Col Dine. “It provided the trainees with a hands-on instruction on how to handle essential navigation equipment. I am grateful to EUNAVFOR and EUCAP Nestor for their support.” The Basic Training Programme is a 27 week course for the Seychelles Coast Guard. It has been developed by the Coast Guard and EUCAP Nestor and covers various aspects of maritime security and the Coast Guard functions.

E UCAP Nestor is a civilian EU mission, under the so called Common Security and Defence Policy, mandated to assist countries of the Horn of Africa and Western Indian Ocean develop their capacities and capabilities to ensure maritime security, in particular counter-piracy and maritime governance. Part of its mandate includes providing the countries in the region with essential light equipment.

EU Naval Force deters, prevents and represses acts of piracy and armed robbery off the coast of Somalia.EU Naval Force ships protect World Food Programme vessels delivering aid to Somalia and AMISOM shipping. EU Naval Force ships also contribute to the monitoring of fishing activity off the Somali Coast.

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