Release of the preliminary statement following the first round of the presidential election on May 29, 2022

(Source: EEAS)

Well-organised election day benefits from key improvements and outweighs mistrust.

The EU EOM in Colombia released the preliminary statement to the country. It includes the balance of the Mission’s work and the main findings of the observation carried out in the electoral process of the first presidential round.

The head of the European Union Electoral Observation Mission in Colombia, Spanish MEP Javi López, highlighted the good functioning of the presidential elections and positively valued the transparency and the correct implementation of the electoral procedures at the polling stations. “It is necessary to make a very positive balance of elections that were held in a peaceful and pluralistic environment and served to dispel distrust,” said the MEP. “The National Registry adopted a series of improvements in its processes, such as the double transmission and typing of the minutes, the new selection of the jurors and the improvements in its training programs, among others.”

On her side, Izaskun Bilbao Barandica, head of the Delegation of the European Parliament, declared her confidence in the electoral system: “Colombia has demonstrated that it has a solid framework that guarantees democratic elections”, she said. “The Mission’s suggestions after the legislative elections, the keeping of tables in remote areas for the peace seats, as well as the increased presence of women as jurors, witnesses and vice-presidential candidates have contributed to this,” she added.

Both representatives of the European Parliament regretted the assassination of polling juror Nelly Bedoya Basto in a tragic attack where Army Lieutenant Sergio Ochoa was also wounded while transporting electoral material in the department of Meta.

The Mission will continue to closely observe the second round, its campaign, Election Day, and the process of consolidation of results and scrutiny.

The EU EOM was invited by the Electoral Organization of Colombia to observe the 2022 general elections. A first team of analysts arrived in the country in January of this year, later a hundred of short and long term observers have joined them. The Mission will remain in Colombia until the end of the elections and will publish a final report with an analysis of the process and recommendations for future elections.

Download the preliminary statement by clicking HERE.

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