Pilot Project – Digital European Platform of Quality Content Providers (Second Phase)

Deadline: 10-05-2021

Source: European Commission

  •   Opening: 10 March 2021
  •   Closing: 10 May 2021

The main objective of this Call for Tenders (2nd year) is to produce a feasibility study on the opportunities for the creation of media data space. The study should help European policy makers assess the long-term sustainability of such a platform. For this, identifying the features that it should have in order to become a relevant player in the European media ecosystem is key as well as pinpointing the major operational, financial and technological risks that the creation of the platform would face.

A first phase of this Pilot Project (SMART 2019/0094) was launched in 2020 to provide European policy makers with the essential elements to assess the long-term sustainability of a media data space and its impact on the European media ecosystem. It was also to concretely identify whether there is potential market for a European Business-to-business and potentially Business-to-Consumer content creation and distribution platform for quality media.

This Call for Tenders represents the second phase of the Pilot Project, and requires the production of a feasibility study on the opportunities for the creation of media data space(s). To complement the first phase, this tender should encourage the creation of a coalition of organisations willing to contribute to the development of a European media data infrastructure. It should explore on a technical level the data topologies for media products, audience data and other relevant data and meta-data which should be hosted by the data spaces, and define technical requirements needed to build an agile data infrastructure. In these tasks, it should collaborate with the first phase of the Pilot Project for complementary solutions.

The feasibility study should identify the technical, legal, financial and other requirements, consider the risks entailed as well as the potential of the data spaces for the sector, describe possible success and business models and include recommendations for ways forward.

The procurement documents consist in the contract notice, an invitation letter, the draft contract and tender specifications with their respective annexes. All documents containing important information about the application and its preconditions are available at the TED e-Tendering website

The time limit for receipt of tenders is 10/05/2021 at 16:00 hours CET.

Requests for any additional information must be made in writing only through the TED e-Tendering website Q&A

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