Opening Remarks by Commissioner Kyriakides at the EPSCO Council – EU Global Health Strategy

(Source: European Commission)

“Check against delivery”


Our world has changed dramatically since the 2010 Communication on the EU’s role in global health.

The ongoing pandemic, but also the war in Ukraine, have demonstrated the necessity of global cooperation and have highlighted the international dimension and geo-political impact of the EU health policy.

We need a new Global Health Strategy that reflects and responds to these changes.

One that provides the political framework of priorities, governance and tools, so that we can speak with one coordinated and influential voice.

That makes the most of Team Europe’s capacity to protect and promote health globally.

A new Strategy must move beyond the immediate COVID-19 response and address structural global gaps and weaknesses so we can also fend off future health threats.


Your efforts have given us a strong foundation from which to launch a comprehensive review.

Faced with such numerous challenges, we must define our key priorities.

How can we strengthen health systems globally?

From strengthening systems, how can we ensure that the individual, the patient, gets better healthcare at global level – and where can our contribution have the greatest impact?

We have to maximise Team Europe’s enormous potential for leadership — speaking with one voice, leading by example, maximizing the impact of our funding and tying means to priorities to ensure results.

We have three starting points:

First, that we need effective multilateralism which delivers, helped by a robust rulebook with stronger International Health Regulations and an international agreement on pandemic preparedness and response.

Second, partnerships that help those most in need.

And third, harnessing the many initiatives, actors, and financing streams to support our key priorities.

The pandemic showed what we can achieve together.



We aim to adopt the Strategy at the end of this year, in conjunction with our first Pandemic Preparedness Report.

Building the strategy will be an inclusive process, based on a broad consultation with key stakeholders.

We will work closely with you to ensure that the resulting Strategy is focused, concrete and impactful.

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