Netherlands: EIB lends €100 million for special care to Ipse de Bruggen

(Source: European Investment Bank)

  • European Investment Bank (EIB) signs €100 million loan agreement with Ipse de Bruggen, a long-term care provider specialised in people with mental limitations.
  • Adding own funds, Ipse de Bruggen will invest a total of €250 million in its real estate over the 2020-2029 period, improving facilities to adapt to the changing healthcare environment.
  • Investments will support the construction of new residential care houses as well as renovations and sustainability improvements of Ipse de Bruggen’s existing facilities.

The European Investment Bank and Dutch specialised care provider Ipse de Bruggen have signed a loan agreement of €100 million. Ipse de Bruggen, which specialises in long-term care for people with mental handicaps, will use the loan to support its €250 million investment plan for the 2020-2029 period. Investments foresee the construction of new, and renovation of existing, facilities in support of efficient health care provision and improved wellbeing of residents and employees. Apart from adapting its facilities to the changing wishes of its clients, sustainability efforts will be made across all of its buildings using the EIB loan.

“We notice that the clients’ wishes are changing, for example in terms of having private kitchens or bathrooms. This leads to higher vacancy rates and that has a price. Next to this, Ipse de Bruggen has an increasing amount of clients that need intensive support, and not all of our location are suitable for that right now. Finally, a number of residential facilities need replacement from a maintenance point of view, which means that there is increasing pressure on the right usage of our different care facilities. The investment allows us to implement a programme in the coming years that massively contributes to our commitment to provide our clients with suitable housing at any time. Next to this, the programme will also improve the working environment for our staff.” Said Andrea van Steensel, member of the board. “The energy transition has an impact on our real estate as well. For example, we have signed up to the green deal for sustainable care in the Netherlands, which aims for a 49% reduction in CO2-emissions by 2030, and near CO2-neutrality by 2050. This is a very ambitious goal, but that is a challenge that Ipse de Bruggen will definitely take up.”

Vicepresident of the EIB Kris Peeters added: “The EIB’s mission is to improve people’s lives through its investments. That can be achieved in many different ways, for example through financing for wind parks, or clean public transport, yet our mission statement is hardly ever interpreted so literally as with this investment. We are proud and glad to support Ipse de Bruggen in her endeavours to expand its facilities and become more sustainable. For us, this transaction is also a clear signal towards the Dutch healthcare sector; our door is always open.”

Background information

The EIB is owned directly by the EU Member States – the Netherlands owns 5.2% of its shares – and with 27 sovereign states as backers can borrow funds at very favourable rates on the capital market. This enables the EIB to provide favourable, long-term financing for sound investments that contribute to the European Union’s policy goals. The EIB made available nearly €2.2 billion in loans for projects in the Netherlands in 2020.

Ipse de Bruggen is one of the largest healthcare providers in the province of South-Holland. For more than a hundred years we have been there for people with a (mild) intellectual or multiple disabilities. They often have complex care needs. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we have developed into a powerful care organization with a coordinating and connecting role. We are convinced that every person can do more than he or she thinks, no matter how small the extra step. Ipse de Bruggen. Always more possible. 

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