Message for 2021 EBA General Assembly Meeting, 31 May 2022

(Source: EEAS)

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  • Dear Mr President honoured European Business Association (EBA) members – it is my pleasure to address you today at the EBA’s General Assembly meeting;
  • After two long and challenging pandemic years, we can finaly meet freely at events to greet each other and hug friends;
  • Unfortunetly, the festivities this year are however overshadowed by what happens in the neighbouring country. In Ukraine, innocent people are killed in a cruel and unjustified war initiated by Russian Federation. Millions of people had to leave their homes.
  • I’d like to use this opportunity to thank people of the Republic of Moldova for their solidarity, generosity and kindness, when opening their hearts and houses to the refugees from Ukraine.
  • In particular, I would like to thank the EBA and its members for their  generosity and solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Many thanks for all your efforts and support. The matrasses, furniture, food and accomodations were welle received and appreciated by the refugees.
  • For more than a decade, the EBA represents the European Business community in Moldova. It is one of the leading Business Support organizations representing and addressing the issues of the European and Moldovan Investors;
  • EBA plays an important role in the work undertaken towards harmonising national legislation in line with EU standards. It helps businesses and citizens in taking full advantages of the possibilities offered by the EU-Moldova Association Agreement, including the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area. The EBA has been providing its support and experience in establishment of the business support infrastructure in regions to help local businesses in their process of exporting to the EU market;
  • I would like also to underline EBA’s effort and contribution in establishment of a level playing field in which all the business operators are equal and are applying the same market rules. We know how difficult it is and that without a joint effort, it is impossible to build a fair and predictable business environment.
  • Today, when the country is hit by a severe economic crisis generated by the war in Ukraine and uncertainties on the energy market, the European Union stands with the Republic of Moldova;
  • The EU remains a stable and reliable partner for Moldova in implementing its ambitious reforms agenda and will continue supporting Moldovan citizens and businesses in overpassing these difficult times;
  • The EU remains committed to strengthening the cooperation with Moldova focused on reforms and delivering tangible benefits to the Moldovan citizens. The Association Agreement and the DCFTA is the basis of our relations.
  • Over the last 7 years, the European Union has strengthened its position as the main trade partner of the Republic of Moldova. In 2021, the EU accounted for approximatively 61% of Moldova’s total exports and about 50 % of its total trade.
  • In 2021, exports to the EU reached an absolute record level of 1.92 billion USD. About 40% of these exports are experts of agri-food products.
  • The EU is Moldova’s biggest source of investments – more than 80% of MD’s FDI’s are coming from the EU. However, for this trend to continue, a proper justice sector reform is necessary.
  • We believe that strong institutions which act in the national interest are essential for prosperous development of MD business and successful economic integration with the EU;
  • We know that Moldovan exporters have been severely affected by the war in Ukraine. We are aware of the challenges faced by all of you and are working on identification and implementation of various measures to facilitate your access on the EU market;
  • We are sure that most products exported to traditional eastern markets are also successful on the EU market, especially grapes and plums. I am confident that Moldovan farmers will be able to identify new trading partners in the EU.  The EU is looking for solutions to facilitate these processes.
  • The crisis will remain for a while. Under these circumstances, the EBA has a particular role to overcome it, as it can help to find solutions to make Moldova’s economy more sustainable and resilient. For this, we strongly encourage for a continuous and transparent cooperation with the Government. The daily joint dialog and work are the key of success and the only way to get out of the crisis;
  • We have been celebrating the Europe Day this month. This year, it has a special significance – the Republic of Moldova materialized its European aspirations by submitting the accession letter.
  • It has already answered the EU Commission’s questionnaires, and it is now for the Commission to formulate its opinion.
  • It is not an easy process, but it has started and we are all here to work side by side, to help Moldova on its European path.
  • We are together with the Republic of Moldova, because together we are  stronger!
  • I am confident that the excellent co-operation between the EU Delegation and EBA will further develop. We have a common goal: to bring the Republic of Moldova closer to the European Union, with the aim to improve the quality of life of the Moldovan people.
  • Thank you for your attention and I wish you a good and productive General Assembly meeting!
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