Joint Statement by Vice-President Jourová, Commissioner Hahn and Commissioner Reynders on the launch of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office

(Source: European Commission)

Vice-President Vera Jourová, Commissioner Johannes Hahn and Commissioner Didier Reynders made the following statement, welcoming the start of activities of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office:

“As of today, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) is up and running. This opens a new chapter in fighting cross-border crime. The first supranational prosecution service is launching its operations to protect the EU taxpayer’s money, competent to investigate and prosecute crimes like money laundering, corruption and cross-border VAT fraud.

In 2019 alone, Member States reported fraud affecting EUR 460 million of the EU budget. Such fraudulent activities have a direct impact on people’s everyday lives, inflicting serious economic damage. This has to stop, all the more so because COVID-19 has deeply challenged our economies and we need every euro for the recovery.

Now, the European Public Prosecutor’s Office steps in to strengthen the protection of the budget of the EU. It will observe the implementation of NextGenerationEU with an eagle eye to make sure funds will reach our economy and our citizens.  EUR 750 billion in loans and grants are at stake.  

This newly created EU body is fully independent. It will prosecute and bring the suspected perpetrators of crimes to justice in the 22 participating EU Member States. Sweden has expressed its interest and is planning to join the EPPO in 2022. We encourage the four Member States that chose to stay out to join as well. Because crime knows no borders – we need to fight it together.”

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