In a message from President Werner Hoyer, the EIB reiterates its support to the Lebanese people

(Source: European Investment Bank)

A year after the catastrophic port explosion in Beirut, where more than 200 people died and thousands more were wounded, EIB President Werner Hoyer participated in the conference in support to the people of Lebanon co-chaired by France and the United Nations.

The conference’s attendees included heads of state and government and leaders of international organisations, with the participation of civil society and businesses. The objective of the conference was to continue to mobilise the international community in solidarity with the Lebanese people and push the Lebanese authorities to deliver on reforms and investigate into the explosion.

The discussions took stock of the assistance provided since the explosion on 4 August 2020 in priority areas such as nutrition and food security, education, health, access to water and hygiene, the rehabilitation of destroyed or damaged neighbourhoods and support to the cultural and heritage sector. The reconstruction of the Port of Beirut was also addressed.

President Hoyer said, “On this day, our thoughts are with the Lebanese people and all those who suffered so dearly since the port of Beirut explosion. I sincerely hope that the conditions will soon be met for the EU, its Bank – the EIB – and the rest of the international community to begin to deploy our resources to ensure a sustainable and inclusive future for Lebanon. We owe it to the Lebanese people.”

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