HRC 50 – EU Intervention: Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights in Eritrea

(Source: EEAS)

Madame/Monsieur President,

The EU thanks the Special Rapporteur for his report and calls on Eritrea to cooperate with his mandate and grant him full and unhindered access.

The EU calls on the Government of Eritrea to fully respect human rights and the rule of law, to release all prisoners held for political or religious reasons and to end all arbitrary and incommunicado detention, enforced disappearances, sexual and gender-based violence and the practice of indefinite National Service, including the reported conscription of children. We further call on Eritrea to guarantee the exercise of freedom of expression, freedom of religion or belief, and freedom of peaceful assembly and association, and land and property rights, including those of foreign communities.

The oppressive environment in Eritrea has forced many to flee and seek refuge abroad, where many continue to face intimidation and repression. We condemn the attempts to silence dissent abroad by punishing family members who remain in Eritrea.

It is imperative that Eritrean troops withdraw from Ethiopian territory to prevent prolonging the conflict in northern Ethiopia. The EU calls on the Eritrean Government to fully cooperate with international investigations regarding international humanitarian law violations and human rights violations and abuses committed in northern Ethiopia.

The EU remains ready to support Eritrea in its cooperation with human rights mechanism, including the OHCHR and Universal Periodic Review.

Finally, the EU deplores Eritrea’s stance with regard to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

Dr. Babiker, How can the international community best assist you in monitoring the human rights situation in Eritrea with a view to its improvement?

Thank you.

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