European Parliament

The European Parliament is an important forum for political debate and decision-making at the EU level.


Animals must be better protected during transport

(Source: European Parliament)

EU rules on animal transport are outdated, misleading and poorly enforced

New update and more political will is needed

Limit transport time, increase animals’ comfort and control exports more tightly

After 18 months of fact-finding, MEPs call on EU countries to respect animal welfare during transport and to transition to transporting meat and […]

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Human rights breaches in Hong Kong, Kazakhstan and Sudan

(Source: European Parliament)

MEPs call for diplomatic and political boycott of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

International investigation needed into crimes against the people of Kazakhstan

Call for all Sudanese political actors to engage in a dialogue for a transition to civilian rule

On Thursday, Parliament adopted three resolutions on violations of fundamental freedoms in Hong […]

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EU Parliament Committees

Members of Parliament are grouped into a number of specialized standing Committees to prepare for plenary sessions of Parliament. Therefore the Parliament’s political and legislative work is carried out by the 20 committees and three subcommittees. A committee is consisted of a chair, a bureau, and a secretariat, and is made up of 25 to […]

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EU Parliament Delegations

The European Parliament’s delegations are official groups of Members who build ties to countries, regions or organizations outside the European Union (EU),  together with the Foreign Affairs, Development, and International Trade Committees. They provide specific expertise by using practical knowledge and political understanding of situations in the countries and regions for which they are responsible.

There […]

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Political groups in the European Parliament

The members of the European Parliament and their political parties share similar values and agendas. Therefore, they act on the basis of their political affinity rather than nationality. The European Parliament Chamber is divided into specified seating zones for each group. Some members do not belong to any political group and there is a separate […]

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