European Council conclusions on Wider Europe and the Conference on the Future of Europe, 23 June 2022

(Source: Council of the EU and European Council)


1. The European Council held a strategic discussion on the European Union’s relations with its partners in Europe. It discussed the proposal to launch a European political community.

What, who and how?

The aim is to offer a platform for political coordination for European countries across the continent. It could concern all European countries with whom we have close relations.

The objective would be to foster political dialogue and cooperation to address issues of common interest so as to strengthen the security, stability and prosperity of the European continent.

2. Such a framework will not replace existing EU policies and instruments, notably enlargement, and will fully respect the European Union’s decision-making autonomy.

3. Building on this first exchange of views, the European Council will revert to the issue.


25. The European Council takes note of the proposals set out in the Report on the outcome of the Conference submitted to the three co-Presidents. The Conference has been a unique opportunity to engage with European citizens.

26. An effective follow-up to this report is to be ensured by the institutions, each within their own sphere of competences and in accordance with the Treaties. The European Council notes that work has already been undertaken in this regard.

27. It recalls the importance of ensuring that citizens are informed of the follow-up to the proposals made in the Report.

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