European Committee of the Regions (CoR)

The Committee of the Regions is an assembly that advises the European institutions on laws that affect EU cities and regions.

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About CoR

The Role of CoR

Taking into consideration that three-quarters of EU legislation is implemented at the local or regional level, therefore local and regional representatives must have a say in the development of new EU laws. This is accomplished by involving elected local representatives.

Furthermore, the Commission and the European Parliament are required to consult the CoR on legislative proposals […]

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About CoR

The Committee of the Regions (CoR) is an advisory body made up of representatives from regional and local governments from across Europe. It is considered as the voice of the European regions. CoR ensures that the regional and local identities, competencies and needs are respected. In other words, CoR is the force for a more […]

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History of CoR

Committee of the Regions (CoR) is the only supranational body of the EU that consists of representatives of regional and local bodies. It was established by the 1992 Treaty on European Union (TEU). As it is stated in the Preamble to the TEU, the goal is to strengthen the union even further among the peoples […]

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CoR Structure

CoR members

The CoR is a political body made up of 329 members and 329 alternates from all EU member states. They are elected at the local or regional level, for example, as Mayors or Regional Presidents. They meet in Brussels up to six times a year to discuss political priorities, adopt positions on EU legislation, […]

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CoR scope of work

European Committee of the Regions scope of work

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The European Committee of the Regions (CoR) intervenes at several stages of the EU law-making process. CoR commissions draft opinions on EU legislative proposals and members gather in plenary to vote and adopt those opinions.

The CoR also works closely with national, regional and local authorities, making their voices heard and fostering […]

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