EUCAP Nestor Head of Mission on visit in Garowe

(Source: EEAS)

Today, the President of Puntland Prof. Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali received Etienne de Poncins, Head of European Capacity Building Mission, EUCAP Nestor, on visit in Garowe. The meeting was also attended by senior members of the Cabinet.

During the meeting, prospects of technical cooperation between Puntland authorities and EUCAP Nestor were discussed. In 2013 EUCAP Nestor already held several workshops and seminars that had been attended by judges, prosecutors and police officers from Puntland. A special focus was on the fight against piracy that has already been taken up by Puntland’s government.

Puntland plays an important role in countering piracy in the region by deterring pirates’ activities on land, and is therefore seen as an important partner in strengthening regional maritime security.

“I am glad to be here today to discuss future technical cooperation with Puntland.” says Mr. de Poncins. “Puntland has undertaken important steps to tackle the sourge of Piracy. As a mission with a capacity building mandate, we can support these efforts with mentoring, advising and training programs as well as through providing light equipment. We are excited to develop further partnership with Puntland and committed to deliver programs as discussed during the meeting to further reinforce maritime security in the region as a whole”

EUCAP Nestor is a civilian EU mission, mandated by EU member states to assist host countries in the Horn of Africa and Western Indian Ocean region to develop a self-sustainable capacity for enhancement of their maritime security, including counter-piracy and maritime governance. The mission also aims to support in strengthening land-based coastal police forces and judicial capabilities in the region.

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