EU in Kosovo: The future of Kosovo is in the Union

(Source: EEAS)

“The future of Kosovo is in the EU, and we have no alternative but to continue to move forward on its European path,” said today the EU Ambassador in Kosovo, Tomas Szunyog.

Marking the Europe Day and the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration that created foundations for lasting peace amongst European nations, Ambassador Szunyog noted that the EU will not be complete without the Western Balkans and that the Russian aggression against Ukraine has made joint efforts on the European integrations of the region even more important.

“I am proud of the progress that Kosovo has accomplished with the support of the European Union and our Member States. Regardless of any challenges, EU solidarity will never diminish, and the EU will continue to be the closest partner to Kosovo, as it is now,” said Szunyog.

Emphasising the EU’s support he called for Kosovo’s continued commitment to making progress on its European path.

“Rule of law is the foundation of a healthy democratic society, and together with the protection and promotion of human rights, it needs to remain a priority for Kosovo institutions,” said Szunyog, and added that the media must be free from any pressure and enjoy safety and freedom of expression.

As 2022 is the European Year of Youth, most activities organized by the EU in Kosovo to celebrate Europe Day are targeting youth and focusing on green energy, the environment and digitalisation.

The full overview of Europe Day activities implemented across Kosovo is attached.

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