EU Delegation to China holds online event to mark the World Press Freedom Day (3 May)

(Source: EEAS)

On 6 May, the Delegation of the European Union to China organised an online event to mark the World Press Freedom Day (3 May).

The Ambassador of the European Union to China, Mr. Nicolas Chapuis, opened the event.

He said that the EU is fully committed to freedom of expression, online and offline, around the world, including China.

Journalists play an essential role in providing reliable and truthful information, so that people and governments could make informed decisions. They must be able to work in full independence wherever they are; they should have the right to investigate and to provide information and facts on all matters, including the ones that local authorities deem “sensitive”.

Journalists are crucial for the world to understand China. By intimidating foreign correspondents and their Chinese researchers, the window to document China is closing. The EU is concerned about the detention of several Chinese editors and journalists.

In order to ensure a rules-based international order and more democratic, stronger and inclusive societies, as well as to protect and promote human rights, we need to denounce disinformation and conspiracy theories. The European Union will continue to support press freedom in all circumstances.


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