Eritrea Days for EU Heads of Mission – 26-30 April 2022

(Source: EEAS)

The EU Delegation to Eritrea organised, in collaboration with the Eritrean Foreign Ministry, a week long programme for resident and non-resident EU Ambassadors to Eritrea. The programme, built around the formal EU-Eritrea ‘Article 8’ political dialogue held at regular intervals, included a series of informative briefings and discussions with Eritrean high officials, internationals and foreign business people, social events with representatives of Eritrea’s cultural and sports life, as well as a field visit to the site of a truly life-changing EU-funded solar energy project in the area of Areza and Maidma benefitting over 45.000 Eritreans there. It is for the first time that such a diverse but compact programme was put together with the aim of attracting participation from Member States’ ambassadors accredited in Eritrea from Khartoum, Cairo and Nairobi on the one hand and a large array of Eritrean representatives on the other.


The programme enabled visiting EU representatives to get first-hand information from the Government on its priorities, concerns and aspirations in key areas and engage with them in an interactive dialogue also in the form of a dedicated ‘Information Day’. Open exchanges on a variety of issues, from the perspectives of the Tigray conflict to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, from national development plans to an assessment of EU-Eritrea cooperation are essential to promote better understanding of each other’s positions, especially in areas where they show divergences and explore opportunities for cooperation. Participants have all agreed that the week was time well spent, an experience worth repeating regularly.


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