EIB President highlights importance of public-private infrastructure investment to accelerate sustainable recovery at G20 meeting

(Source: EIB)

  • COVID-19 pandemic highlighted health, digital and local authority investment gaps
  • Transparency and accountability key for investor confidence
  • Strengthened public and private investment cooperation key for sustainable and robust recovery

Werner Hoyer, President of the European Investment Bank and chair of the D20 Long-Term Investors Club (D20-LTIC) today highlighted the crucial need to accelerate investment in sustainable infrastructure through closer cooperation between public and private investors and mobilising investment for health, education, digital connectivity and urban development at the 2021 G20 Infrastructure Investors Dialogue.

“Cooperation between private and public investors is essential to tackle infrastructure investment challenges. Close cooperation between the European Investment Bank and private investors has mobilised billions of Euros of investment for high-profile projects across Europe and around the world. Today’s G20 Infrastructure Investors Dialogue brings together best practice from business, institutional investors and long-term financing partners. Together, we can increase new infrastructure investment, enhance economic recovery from the COVID 19 pandemic, and deliver climate action.” said Werner Hoyer, President of the European Investment Bank and chair of the D20 Long-Term Investors Club.

President Hoyer joined Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock and Carlo Messina, CEO of Intesa SanPaolo and Giovanni Gorno Tempini, Chairman of CDP and emphasised the crucial need to accelerate and scale up infrastructure investment to deliver both robust recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and green transition.

The 2021 G20 Infrastructure Investors Dialogue brought together G20 Finance Ministers from Italy, the United States, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, business and investment leaders, representatives of international organisations and academia to discuss solutions related to “Financing Sustainable Infrastructure for the Recovery”.

Unlocking local investment to improve competitiveness

Tackling gaps in financing and technical project preparation capacity holding back investment in local municipal infrastructure, including health services, digital connectivity, schools, social housing, energy efficiency, sustainable transport and climate adaptation was identified as key for economic growth and competitiveness.

The City Climate Finance Gap Fund was outlined as a successful and innovative approach to assist cities in developing and emerging economies to improve climate resilience, reduce carbon emissions and prepare finance ready investment projects.

Sharing best-practice to strengthen long-term investment

President Hoyer also highlighted the unique role of the D20 Long-Term Investors Club sharing experience and guidance to enhance dialogue and understanding between long-term institutional investors, asset managers and public banks.

The D20 Long-Term Investors Club is currently finalising its annual “D20 Statement 2021 providing detailed policy recommendations about how to foster increased private and public investment to strengthen economic resilience and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic to be shared with the G20 Italian Presidency in the coming weeks.

About the D20 Long-term Investors Club

More details about the D20-LTIC members and support for governments and economies in this unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and implement the Paris Agreement can be found here: www.D20-LTIC.org  


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