Deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems: Council adopts position

(Source: Council of the EU and European Council)

In order to accelerate the European Union’s transition to a digital economy, the Council, in its Transport configuration, today agreed its position (general approach) on the revision of the Directive on the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems proposed by the European Commission.

This proposal to amend the directive was submitted in December 2021 and aims to take account of technological developments since 2010, such as connected and automated mobility, on-demand mobility applications, and multimodal transport. It also aims to enhance the availability and interoperability of digital data that feed these services. It therefore represents an important step towards creating the common European mobility data space.

The text of the Council’s general approach preserves the ambition to move forward in the systematic and harmonised deployment of intelligent transport systems but in a gradual manner to take full account of the benefits and costs.

The text retains the significant progress in the Commission’s proposal compared with the directive in force while at the same time significantly strengthening the position of Member States to decide on the conditions for implementing the new obligations, in particular for determining the geographical scope and the scheduling for the data and services to be provided. In this way, the Council text distinguishes between, on the one hand, the political decision on the necessary types of data and the critical services to be made available, which are set out in the annex to the directive and may be amended by delegated act, and, on the other hand, implementation issues, including timing and spacing, which will be established in an implementing act accompanying that political decision.

In addition, the text of the general approach clarifies and specifies several provisions of the proposal, in particular the provisional treatment of emergency situations, the issue of personal data and the principles applicable to the development of specifications.

Next steps

The general approach adopted today will allow the Council presidency to start negotiations with the European Parliament (trilogues) once the latter has adopted its position.

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